Using DevOps toolchains in Agile model-driven engineering

06 June 2022 • 2 minutes

Written by Shannon England

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We are excited to showcase our recent article within the journal Software and Systems Modeling! SoSysm is a top peer-reviewed journal that features the world’s best research in model-driven engineering among other topics.

Our Research and Development team have been hard at work publishing a paper for the International Journal on Software and Systems Modeling (SoSyM). We are very proud of this achievement as it validates that we are at the cutting edge of the cross section between Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) and DevOps.

What is the article about?

In the words of our Head of Research and Development, Jörn Guy Süß, the paper describes how in the past model-driven workflows were created by simply clicking around with a mouse in an IDE (this meant they could not be reliably repeated). Today, there are many different modeling frameworks and technologies that make this process reliable. Ultimately, making model-driven engineering highly industrially relevant. Let’s take an abstract from the article to further understand this concept:

For model-driven engineering (MDE) to become more Agile, the community needs to embrace development and operations (DevOps) practices. One of the core practices of DevOps is the use of pipelines to enable CI/CD to make teams more Agile and break down the barriers between development and operations with faster deployments. Current MDE tooling is not designed at its core to participate in DevOps pipelines. Consequently, this makes the adoption of MDE in industry more difficult. In this article, we cover an industrial experience report describing how we enabled our pipelines using DevOps and MDE.

What are some of the other topics included within this paper?

Showcasing the authors

Eban Escott is the founder and CEO at Codebots. He received his doctorate from The University of Queensland (2013) in Model-Driven Engineering and his Masters from Queensland University of Technology (2004) in Artificial Intelligence. He is an advocate of using models as first class artefacts in software engineering and creating not just technologies, but methodologies that enhance the quality of life for software teams. When he is not coding or running the company, you can find him mountain bike riding or finding his zen in martial arts.

Samantha Swift is a software developer at Codebots. She is currently studying a double bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering (Honours) and Computer Science at Queensland University of Technology (QUT). Sam is passionate about research within software systems engineering which is reflected in her work at Codebots implementing machine learning algorithms for code bases.

Jörn Guy Süß is the Head of R&D at Codebots. He is a software engineer and researcher, always seeking to improve industry practice through the application of pragmatic software engineering, based on testing, CI and model-driven engineering. His past experience includes the architecture and design of vehicle, container and maritime logistics and tracking systems, business communication systems, large-scale Connected-Car IoT, vital and non-vital rail systems, mining optimisation software, and software quality and security. He enjoys quoting from the Mythical Man Month whenever he can and wrangles 3 beautiful children.

We are so excited to have this article published and released into the world. To access the full article, head here. Interested to learn more? Reach out at for more information.

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Written by Shannon England

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