Low Code

Low-code: the good, the bad and the ugly

13 October 2021 • 2 minutes

Written by Eban Escott

This year, 2021, Codebots was invited to do the keynote speech at the ACM/IEEE 24th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems (MODELS) for the low-code workshop track. It was quite an invitation as we do not consider ourselves low-code, we are champions of true innovation.


Low-code has ignited the enterprise world on fire and attracted a lot of attention to Model-Driven Engineering (MDE). It has been able to empower citizen developers to build apps with minimal input from professional software developers.

While we enjoy the attention to MDE, it stops short of fulfilling the vision of how far MDE can go. Like driving a car around in 1st gear, there are ways we can shift gears and take the high road and elevate innovation even further.

In this keynote, we are going to look at how low-code is only just the beginning and how other technologies have the power to unlock a door into the future.



The slides from the talk are available on SlideShare. Menti was used to present the slides and to create some audience interaction. The results and feedback from the workshop are interesting and worth deeper thought.

Eban Escott

Written by Eban Escott

Founder of Codebots

Dr Eban Escott received his Doctorate from UQ (2013) in Model-Driven Engineering and his Masters from QUT (2004) in Artificial Intelligence. He is an advocate of using models as first class artefacts in software engineering and creating not just technologies, but methodologies that enhance the quality of life for software engineers.