How the KMS team doubled productivity in 5 sprints

06 November 2020 • 4 minutes

Written by Christine Chien

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How can I increase my development teams’ productivity? This is a real world customer story on how a team skilled-up on Codebots technologies to realise a serious productivity boost.

How the KMS team doubled productivity in 5 sprints

94% bot written

MVP1 estimated for completion Jan 2021

Company: Ksatria Medical System (KMS)

Project Manager: Ida Bagus Afriana Putra

Location: Vietnam & Indonesia

The challenge.

Ida Bagus Afriana Putra (Afri) is the Director and project manager of the Ksatria Medical System migration project. His company has seen global success, with many hospitals having utilised their flagship software product, but 10 years on, the product had become dated and technical debt has set in.

After a thorough estimation process comparing a traditional approach to Codebots, the team estimated it would take 22 weeks – that’s 32% of the time in comparison! KMS selected Codebots to migrate and modernise their system.

As first time users with a deadline, the team needed to quickly upskill on Codebots technologies.

“Previously, they (the team) only did bug fixing and small enhancements on the legacy system. This is the first time they will build a new product in Codebots.”

The technology framework chosen was Springbot – Angular on the front end and Java as the back end, but not all of their development team were familar with these technologies. So how did they skill up?

The solution.

At the start of the migration project the KMS team were confident with server side Java technologies but had to overcome challenges with the new client side framework. To address this they engaged the help of the Codebots Education team who offered a range of different learning pathways.

As the team’s confidence grew on the technologies, their velocity and progress rapidly accelerated.

For a self-guided approach, the team completed a series of qualifications within the Codebots Academy. For specific questions that the team had, they could search for an answer in the Codebots library. Workshops and one-to-one sessions were also used to get them unblocked.

“After five sprint’s they (the team) started feeling comfortable with the product, and their productivity boost was almost twice faster than compared to their performance in the first sprint.”

One benefit of the Codebots Platform is that the KMS developers were able to take advantage of bot-written code to reduce boilerplate and redundant work, while increasing productivity and customisability with protected code regions.

Technology framework

Core Features

The core features of codebots were able to handle the underlying functionality of the the app.

Core Feature How it was implemented
CRUD At last count the KMS application had 663 tables so that’s a lot of data management that needs to happen and It allowed them to create a full administration section and a huge amount of that client side functionality came out of the box.
API Allows the new KMS application to be integrated with other hospital systems.


Extensions are able to add advanced, configurable features for end-users.

Features/Extension How it was implemented
User This extension controls which users and groups can access particular parts of the application. KMS was able to to give Doctors, Nurses, Admin, other roles access to different parts of application.
Forms Patients will be able to fill out forms configured by staff and a new registration process can be created to smooth out internal processes.
Workflows A patient can move through a hospitals workflow to get the best possible care.
Dashboard The hospital staff will be presented with insights into hospital practices. They can slice and dice the data - similar to a Business Intelligence (BI) tool.

At the beginning of the KMS estimation, the team reviewed the requirements to see if an extension could be used fully, or partially, or was unable to be used for its implementation. The results can be seen in the following sketch; 34.4% of the requirements can be fully written by a codebot, 39.3% partially written, and just 26.2% of the requirements would need to be completely custom code.

KMS behaviour coverage

Why Codebots?


Two key ingredients ensured the success of the KMS project, the first being the speed gains of using codebots technology. The second was their commitment to the learning journey which resulted in an accelerated level of productivity.

“Compared to our legacy system, the team feels more comfortable and productive working on Codebots technologies.”


With a development team based in Vietnam and Indonesia, the Codebots Platform ensured that there was one central point to complete qualifications and communicate learnings with the team.

The Codebots Academy is where you can learn all you need to know about Codebots, and become qualified in everything from building applications on the Platform to working with our extensions.

“I think the most important thing is that all people who start using these frameworks need to learn first from the Academy.”


Becuase Codebots was created for cross functional teams, the KMS team were able to customise different learning pathways available for different skill levels and roles in the team.

“Completing this academy has given us more knowledge on how we can do development with Codebots.”

If you think of it like an investment, one or two weeks spent training your team can really unlock them and get them using Codebots to its full potential.

Christine Chien

Written by Christine Chien

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