C#Bot Release

C#Bot Release

A new version of C#Bot has been released, bringing in File and Image upload capabilities, along with a new question tiles and validation for Forms.

Files and Forms Updates (C#Bot Release)

We have just released a new version of C#Bot (v1.2.0.0), and boy, it’s a big one. A full list of what has been released is available in our release notes here, but we have listed the big ticket items below for those who are interested.

File Upload Support

This was one of the most requested features for C#Bot and we are proud to announce that it is here! We have added support for File and Image attributes in the Entity Diagram, so now you can add photos and PDFs to an entity until your heart is content. The storage was implemented using file system storage, with the option of configuring Amazon Web Service’s S3 storage provider, and it comes with OWASP level security standards to keep it secure.

Form Behaviour Updates

More Tiles

We have added in two more tiles which can be used in the Forms builder: a static list tile, so you can add more non-question content to your form, and a datetime question tile. Now you can ask people what date and time they would want to have a meeting (or something along those lines).

Show Logic

The update also comes with support for show conditions, meaning form creators can now dynamically show or hide question tiles based on answers from other questions. For example, now if someone selects the ‘Other’ option for a question, you can show them an extra question to ask what they mean.


We have also added in validators against different form tiles, so now you can make questions `required` to ensure they aren’t skipped. Required is available against every question tile, and the other question tiles also have validators which complement them (i.e. a date question tile can have validation around if the answer is in the past, the future, or before or after a certain date). A majority of question tiles also support custom validation if you want to get fancier.

How do I get these changes on my app?

To upgrade your bot to the latest version, follow the yellow prompts on your Build diagram to request an upgrade. Any time a new version is available, one will appear in the bottom right-hand corner. Once the upgrade is completed, you will need to follow the migration path included in the release notes to update your code.

Those are just some of the exciting new features, but we have also added in a bunch of improvements and resolved a load of bugs. For a full list of what was released, along with the migration path to follow if you want to upgrade, see our release notes here, or in your Codebots Library.

Release Walkthrough

Below is a walkthrough video made of the new release. It goes into the changes so you can see them for yourself.

Last updated: 27 April 2020

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