Codebots 2.0 launch: new year, new bots!

12 January 2021 • 2 minutes

Written by Christine Chien

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We are proud to announce the launch of Codebots version 2.0!

Twenty-twenty has proven to be a momentous year to say the very least. It’s remarkable to think that Codebots v1.0 launched just a year ago. No literally, we launched v1.0 of Codebots on the same day last year!

In addition to the speed enhancements, interface improvements, and bug banishments, we want to celebrate our top five features to hit the Codebots platform since v1.0. Check out the video and read more about our top five below.

Top 5 new features

1. Launch your app directly from Codebots.

Codebots launch screen

After building an app on Codebots, you are now able to generate a fully-functional live preview of your target application (without having to first set up your own environment).

The target application is only available for 24 hours at a time, after which you can launch again.

2. Team collaboration upgrade.

Codebots team collaboration page

We introduced team management and user roles to our platform which enabled the ability to add team members to your app projects. In addition concurrent editing, this upgrade enables multiple team members to work off the same project in Codebots. We’ve even updated our pricing model to scale with your team!

3. User interface builder.

Codebots interface builder

Our User Interface builder has gotten a massive upgrade that enables you to create low-fidelity wireframes.

4. Snippets library for use cases.

Snippet example in entity diagram

Snippets are groups of common app components for building different types of apps. The best thing about this feature is that we will be building out our library in 2021.

Additionally, you can expect to see groups of snippets (known as templates). These groups will be for building out specific industry applications such as CRM’s and time management apps.

5. Built-in onboarding in target apps.

New onboarding

An introductory walk-through is automatically created within the target application to give a better onboarding experience.

All of the new features simply can’t be summarised in one article, so if you’re interested in the details, sign up for one of the Codebots 2.0 Walkthroughs that we’ll be running next week. They are 30 minute webinars that highlights all the new features and changes which were released so you can re-orientate yourself and check out the cool things you can do. If the times don’t suit your availability, just get in touch with us.

We’re always improving our platform and our bots, and had a record-breaking ELEVEN releases in October. With this amazing velocity, it’ll be exciting to see what new features will be implemented this coming year. If you haven’t yet experienced Codebots 2.0 yet, now’s the perfect time. Sign up for a free 7 day trial and see how Codebots can empower your team to do more with less.

Christine Chien

Written by Christine Chien

Marketing Operations and Partnerships

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