Codebots becomes Microsoft Co-Sell Ready and joins the Azure Marketplace

09 November 2021 • 1 minute

Written by Christine Chien

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Codebots has been part of Microsoft for Startups since our early days and recently moved on to develop more collaborative engagement within the Microsoft ecosystem.

In gaining the Co-Sell Ready status, Codebots is now in Azure Marketplace and working with the Microsoft sales team and partners to provide solutions to better meet their customers’ needs. This opens up our products, such as AI Lab, to a wider network of organisations to help accelerate their growth and innovation.

“Combining the speed of the Codebots platform with resilience, scalability, advanced services and the global reach of Microsoft Azure, organisations can accelerate application delivery,” Eban Escott, CEO of Codebots.

With AI Lab, bots that can automatically code to your regulatory and organisational standards.

Using a scientific approach to tackle unique modernisation challenges, AI Lab can supercharge your coding capabilities through the advanced building and training of bots. Unlike other low-code solutions, AI Lab works within any tech stack, has no vendor lock-in, and commits to your Git Repository. Your developers are empowered to work smarter with the power of AI technology.

Christine Chien

Written by Christine Chien

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