Codebots launches product after raising $2 million

20 January 2020 • 2 minutes

Written by Eban Escott

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Codebots is officially live and ready for you to jump in and start building your first app! Sign up today.

Codebots, a bot-powered software delivery platform, launched its product into the global tech sphere this week. Last year, the company raised $2 million in post-seed funding, set up offices in the United Kingdom and Singapore, and published a playbook on continuous modernisation. Now, Codebots is ready to revolutionise the software industry, with bots that code.

The Codebots idea evolved from CEO Dr Eban Escott’s PhD, A model-driven approach to developing and testing web applications. Dr Escott was attracted to the use of models, seeing them as a way to solve many of the problems he faced as a software engineer.

Eager to be an advocate for change, Dr Escott realised his vision through Codebots, building a platform that addressed software development issues with quality, speed, control, reuse, and scalability.


Dr Escott says, “Successfully combining quality with speed is a challenge for everyone, from large enterprises working on digital transformation projects for dated legacy systems, all the way through to startups trying to create their first MVP.”

“Codebots’ code-writing software robots tackle this problem, writing on average, 92% of a software application - typically written by a human developer - in completely developer-readable code.”

With codebots to take care of heavy lifting, human developers are free to focus on solving the complex and creative business problems, making teams 8.3x faster.

While there are a range of software delivery tools currently in the market that promote faster development, the lack of control users have over their software is a major red flag.

Most development platforms and firms in the market maintain ownership of your software’s source code. You can pay a small fortune to gain ownership, but what you receive is usually illegible machine nonsense created by a code generator. By contrast, Codebots gives users ownership of their intellectual property from sign up.

Codebots has spent the two years since its inception observing market trends and conducting user experience experiments, building its platform to address industry pain points and gaps. In the market, Codebots will continue to utilise user feedback to direct its growth.

Head of Technology Leo Mylonas says, “The world is transforming to a state where every business will be defined by software, and it has never been more important to focus on the people on the other side of the screen.

“Codebots is led by a people-first approach. As fear and speculation surrounding the impact of automation grows, Codebots is focused on providing tools that allow people of all backgrounds and skill sets to take back control, using software to shape the future they want.”

Creative Director Isaac Joe Kong says, “Our aim is to nurture meaningful relationships with our users through open communication, inspiring and guiding them to expand the depths of their imaginations to realise new ideas.”

Within the platform, users can observe and follow the product roadmap, and request priority on the development of the new features that are most important to them.

Eban Escott

Written by Eban Escott

Founder of Codebots

Dr Eban Escott received his Doctorate from UQ (2013) in Model-Driven Engineering and his Masters from QUT (2004) in Artificial Intelligence. He is an advocate of using models as first class artefacts in software engineering and creating not just technologies, but methodologies that enhance the quality of life for software engineers.