Introducing BotCamp

24 May 2022 • 2 minutes

Written by Shannon England

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BotCamp is the ultimate course to train people on the processes and technologies that unlock the full potential of development teams.

This year, we created the very first BotCamp, in which students learn development concepts such as model-driven engineering, augmented intelligence, and how they are applied within the Codebots platform. With this knowledge, students are able to develop creative and innovative ideas for applications. While we use this course as onboarding for our team members, we also encourage external teams to take this course and apply these learnt concepts to their projects.

The benefits of BotCamp

There are various benefits to BotCamp, however we believe there are three main takeaways from our newly developed course.

  1. Train your team the same way we do: BotCamp is the onboarding program that we use to train our own team members on how to maximise the platform’s capabilities and output.

  2. Free up your developers’ focus: harnessing the power of Codebots will allow your developers to focus on the core solutions to projects, encouraging creativity and experimentation.

  3. Taught by world-class experts: BotCamp includes presentations by experts who are renowned in their field for concepts such as model-based engineering and augmented intelligence.

Our curriculum is quite varied, the idea behind this is that regardless of your role, BotCamp can train you on the processes and technologies needed to unlock your full potential. Take a look at the table below which outlines each course offered.

Course Duration Delivery Description
Codebots Deep Dive 4 weeks In-person or virtual The curriculum will take a deep dive into Codebots and provide an immersion into development automation, model-driven engineering, and DevOps enhancements.
Add On: Way of Working 1 week In-person or virtual This is an add-on to the Codebots Deep Dive course. It will enhance your teams Agile processes while bringing more DevOps into your organisation.
Add on: C#Bot 1 week In-person or virtual This is an add-on to the Codebots Deep Dive course. You will learn the intricacies of C#Bot and full-stack development using React, C#, and more.
Add on: Build-a-bot Weekly BotCamp integrated This is an add-on to the Codebots Deep Dive course. You will receive first-hand support while building out a new bot in any technology stack.

What people are saying

Let’s take a look at what people are saying about BotCamp:

“From the Ways of Working to the model-driven approach to software development, BotCamp has truly broadened my horizons and further fueled my passion for the industry!” - Patrick Sarmiento (Software Developer)

“BotCamp exposed me to the power of Model-Driven Engineering and its use in software development. Codebots provides the tools to take software development to a new level and I am excited to apply what I learned!” - Sam Harris (Software Developer)

“My time at BotCamp was intense yet incredibly rewarding with learning not only about the Codebots’ platform but even getting a chance to work with React, Spring, and containerised applications. I would recommend this camp to anyone who is looking to learn about Codebots and is passionate about delivering software.” - Luca Fulmor (Intern, Seers.Digital)

How to register

To learn more or register your interest, head here. We’ll provide you with further information about the course delivery and upcoming course intake dates. Our next BotCamp starts on June 17th! We are excited to see what our next round of graduates are capable of achieving.

Shannon England

Written by Shannon England

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