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Six books to get you started with MDE

25 August 2021 • 3 minutes

Written by Shannon England

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Do you want to take a deep dive into Model-Driven Engineering and Model-Driven Development. We’ve compiled our top picks to get you started.

Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) is the practice of raising models to first-class artefacts of the software engineering process, using such models to analyse, simulate, and reason about properties of the system under development, and eventually, often auto-generate (a part of) its implementation - Dimitris Kolovos.

When you take a deep dive into the world of Model-Driven Engineering (MDE), it can hard to know where to start and what to read. As experts on MDE, we thought it would be a good idea to compile the best resources on the topic.

Model-Driven Software Engineering in Practice by Jordi Cabot, Manuel Wimmer and Marco Brambilla

The front cover of Model-Driven Software Engineering in Practice

Marco, Jordi, and Manuel discuss how model-based approaches often increase the efficiency of software professionals. The book emphasises that Model-Driven Software Engineering (MDE) is expected to see exponential growth within the future. Model-Driven Software Engineering in Practice is a fantastic tool for those looking for an introduction into the concept of MDE.

During the second part of the book, the authors introduce the technical aspects of MDE, including the tools to support and manage the implementation of MDE projects.

Model-Driven Software Development by Sami Beydeda, Matthias Book and Volker Gruhn

The front cover of Model-Driven Software Development

Model-Drive Software Development (MDSD) is an interesting read that gives a birds-eye view of the software industry, including MDSD. This book takes a look at the leading researchers within both industry and academia, showing a current overview of the industrial forefront practise and the related research issues within MDSD.

Model-Driven Software Development: Technology, Engineering, Management by Thomas Stahl and Markus Völter (and more)

The front cover of Model-Driven Software Development: Technology, Engineering, Management

Thomas and Markus cover how MDSD is gaining popularity as a development paradigm among both developers and researchers.

The authors give an introduction into domain-specific languages, modelling and application structure. This book is known as a practical guide for software engineers, with both practical examples and case studies.

Practical Model-Based Testing by Mark Utting and Bruno Legeard

The front cover of Practical Model-Based Testing

Mark and Bruno provide a practical introduction to the world of model-based testing. This book primarily focuses on the practice of functional black-box testing, however it also covers a variety of different styles of models.

Both examples and case-studies are provided to the readers to demonstrate the steps of applying model-based testing. This book also offers guidance on how to use different kinds of modelling techniques, useful test generation strategies and how to apply model-based testing techniques.

Domain Specific Languages by Martin Fowler

The front cover of Domain Specific Languages

Martin covers Domain-Specific Languages (DSL) in detail throughout this in-depth analysis. It was especially interesting when he spoke to the issue that DSL cannot fix every problem.

During this book, both Internal and External DSLs are discussed, providing both an analysis and introduction into DSL. Finally, he speaks to code-generation and how it is an essential part of working with DSL.

Continuous Modernisation by Eban Escott

The front cover of Continuous Modernisation

At the very foundation of Codebots are our values, which are based on the concept of Continuous Modernisation, an approach to drive successful digital transformation. We might be biased, but we believe that this playbook is an awesome read.

We created the playbook for our community to share the strategies, tactics and activities that shrink the risk but maximise the value of Codebots technologies.

Eban covers everything from business agility, legacy systems and how business can prepare for the future, with the ultimate aim being continuous improvement. If you are interested, head here to get a free copy of the e-book.

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Bots that Code: The Continuous Modernisation Playbook

Codebots is excited to announce the official launch of Bots that Code: The Continuous Modernisation Playbook.

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