Bots that Code: The Continuous Modernisation Playbook

05 August 2019 • 2 minutes

Written by Shannon England

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Codebots is excited to announce the official launch of Bots that Code: The Continuous Modernisation Playbook.

A playbook for strategists and decision makers

Continuous modernisation is a powerful new approach to transform complex software ecosystems. Bots that Code is for decision and strategy makers who want to wrestle back control, gain clarity and drive successful digital transformation projects. Whether you’re a CEO, CTO or a member of a software team, Bots that Code will fundamentally shift your perception of what’s possible.

The playbook includes strategies, tactics and activities that address both the technical and cultural challenges of a software project. When a software/people fit is found, momentum is gained, business agility increases and your organisation will be in a more powerful position to face the future.

Continuous modernisation is the solution to the legacy rabbit hole

Across the globe, legacy systems are one of the biggest problems faced by the software industry, and arguably could become one of the most common problems across all business sectors and industries.

A legacy system is any software system that is deployed into an organisation. From day one, the software is legacy; it does not matter if the software is some off-the-shelf application or something that is custom built.

Legacy software has been a problem since the beginning of programming. Evolutionary pressure on software systems results in a never ending maintenance activity, where an average of 70% of the total cost of software must be spent on maintenance. Without spending the required budget to maintain a legacy system, the decay of the system eventually becomes such a burden on an organisation, that it is usually replaced with a new software system. This simply restarts the legacy cycle.

Instead, we propose a commitment to continuous modernisation, an ongoing process of evolution that ensures software continues to fit the people using it, and the needs of the organisation. With continuous modernisation, software scales alongside the organisation, ensuring legacy systems aren’t having a negative impact on business agility.

Develop your own strategies and tactics with our Migration Kit

Bots that Code provides readers with a Migration Kit, a set of activities that can be used to continuously modernise your organisation. There are four phases spanning the scope and development stages of a project lifecycle, aiming to help you better understand, prepare, migrate and modernise your project to prepare for success in the future.

Knowing the big picture is the strategy, and how you achieve the strategy are the tactics. Bots that Code is your guide to help you figure out the best approach for your organisation.

Taking back control of your software

Digital transformation is just the beginning. Bots that Code is a playbook that will evolve as we discover more efficient ways of doing things, ensuring it provides you with all the tools you need for continuous modernisation.

Our focus is to positively impact business agility by making software development easier, worldwide.

Book tour dates

Codebots will be in the following locations on the following dates. If you are interested in meeting with us to talk about Bots that Code or your own continuous modernisation journey, please contact us info@codebots.com.

Canberra - 6th / 7th August 2019
Townsville - 9th August 2019
Brisbane - 16th August 2019
Sydney - 23rd August 2019
Melbourne - 29th August 2019
Birmingham - 3rd-13th September 2019
Singapore - 3rd-13th September 2019
London - 4th September 2019

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Written by Shannon England

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