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Dead software, Access databases & moving to the cloud

08 June 2018 • 3 minutes

Written by Sophie Bates

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Evolution is an integral part of life. We change, we adapt, we discover better ways to get things done. “This is the way we have always done it” is no longer a valid excuse; there exists no logical sense in sticking to the norm if there is a better way.

Dead software & the fear of the unknown

Dead software refers to software that has become obsolete with the development of better services. No one is using legacy platforms like Myspace anymore, we all use Facebook, but people are still using a bunch of dated software applications, including Microsoft Access, for crucial business agility and operations.

Microsoft no longer supports WindowsXP, yet there are still some people that swear by it. When the creators tells you the software is dead, it is time for you to move on. Think of it like this: if there is no benefit to the bottom line of your business, then it does not matter how much you like a product. It will cost you over time in some way.

Change can seem difficult or intimidating, especially for small businesses, but without innovation, or those who take an idea and convince others to execute it, we wouldn’t have Apple, Nike, or any other modern marvel.

Keeping up to date with the latest techno trends allows you to maintain a presence in a competitive market. If you provide the same or a similar service with an inferior product or capabilities, you are essentially digging your own grave.

What is dead software? It’s outdated software, and businesses using it risk dying themsevles.

New software era: not build or buy, but build or die

People care about outcomes, not software. The drive for digital transformation means enterprises embrace the cloud in all forms. It is becoming fashionable to talk about software-defined everything.

The old way of IT will continue, but only in part. Applications now live in new places; the data center, as SaaS, and in the cloud, but all need to work together.

Software allows the connected world to function. Software has shifted to SaaS delivery models in the past decade. The world is thinking in terms of apps, mobility, speed, and convenience. Budgets, long lead times, complex installations and messy maintenance contracts cause a shift away from pre-programmed hardware and software vendors. Amazon, Google and some innovative startups are providing better services faster and every established enterprise feels the pressure to compete. The physical form of hardware is changing: robots, drones, smart devices are becoming regular features in contemporary workplaces.

Welcome to the cloud age

Cloud services combine software. They achieve desired customer outcomes. They redefine the notion of products.

Moving to the cloud and setting up traditional software and hardware infrastructure, including networks and security can take while.

Cloud software revolutionizes this process. You can have your technical environment running in about 24 hours.

Organisations now have the option to outsource in a way that is more cost effective and efficient. Companies access their software and data at any time, on any device, anywhere in the world, without any complicated technical installation or configuration.

Migrating your databases - such as an Access database - to the cloud allows you to unlock your data, and astronomically enhances your company’s potential.

Codebots does all this for you. We transform software to the cloud, making cloud migration a breeze. We rewrite the content for a cloud-native home. We help you adapt and thrive in a digital cloud environment.

Software is changing. And new software adoption determines which companies will succeed and which will face extinction.

Unless you’re planning on throwing all your gadgets in the ocean and moving to a cave far from all the facial recognition technology that pretty much make it impossible for you to disappear, you need to move with the wind.

Software as we know it may be dying, but innovators are forever.

Sophie Bates

Written by Sophie Bates

Software Developer

By day, Sophie is our front-end developer for the forum and developer docs. By night, Sophie turns into our crochet queen who listens to Taylor Swift on repeat.