Coding a peaceful and sustainable world

30 June 2021 • 1 minute

Written by Shannon England

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Codebots is calling all visionaries to submit their app ideas that change the world.

Codebots, in association with Peace One Day, proudly presents the Code for Peace Competition in the lead up to the celebration of September 21st, 2021. Code for Peace is aiming to assist the world in achieving goal 16 of the SDGs: promote just, peaceful and inclusive societies.

Codebots invites everyone to participate in submitting their app ideas and prototypes that align with these goals. Whether you’re a software developer or not, if you have an inspirational idea that can turn into a digital tool to help promote unity and peace, we would love for you to get involved and show what you can do.

To enter the Code for Peace initiative, head here.


Code for Peace has a variety of sponsors. We would like to thank them for their contribution and support.

Code for Peace sponsors