AI Lab

Use artificial intelligence to create bots that can code to your organisation's standards.

Control Standards Within Your Organisation

Create a codebot and teach it to write quality code to your organisations standards and security requirements.

Any technology stack

Train a codebot using your preferred architecture and frameworks of choice.

No Model Restrictions

Don't be constricted by specific models (e.g., database structures, user interface layouts, API endpoints), AI Lab allows you to create whatever model you need.

Continuously Modernise

AI Lab allows you to modernise your bots easily, pushing down technical debt and enabling faster security patches at scale.

Software development teams will iterate and sprint to build their applications through some form of a build-measure-learn cycle.

In traditional software development, it is difficult to control and audit the standards that they follow.

Continuous Modernisation cycle

By creating a codebot to set the standards, software architects can ensure that applications are built to best practice.

How do AI Lab and App Studio work together?

Take a look at how your team can utilise our product suite.