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Easily maintain and iterate your applications without overwriting custom code.

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Developing with App Studio

App Studio offers the flexibility your team needs. Allowing your organisation to create consistent applications.

Choose your codebot

To start modelling your application, you need to choose a codebot (SpringBot/C#Bot) or create your own in AI Lab.

Choose a bot selector

Model your app

Use App Studio to collaborate in real-time with your team to model out web applications.

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Build and write code

The bots write developer readable source code that is easy to customise - ensuring that developers can continue to iterate and innovate throughout the software cycle.

Codebots bot writing code

Configure git

App Studio can push to your private GitLab repository. We use your SSH key so we support a variety of git providers including GitLab, GitHub and Bitbucket.

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Code ownership

With App Studio you always own your source code. This means at any time you can take what you've built away from our platform, with no additional charges.

Generical code in Visual Studio Code

For Developers

Technical features

Get into the technical details of how our technology works

Integrating with App Studio

Our platform produces developer readable source code ready to be integrated into your CI/CD pipelines.

  1. Choose a technology stack

    You have the option to choose one of our bots or create your own bot in AI Lab.

  2. Model an application

    Plan out the structure of your application using our modelling tools.

  3. Utilise our technology

    Simply click 'build' and watch the bots write thousands of lines of code

  4. Customisations

    Use protected regions to write custom functionality that makes your app unique.

    Change of plans? Use protected regions to ensure that your custom code is not overwritten by the platform.

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Supercharge App Studio with AI Lab

Our brand-new product AI Lab, allows you to take App Studio to the next level by developing applications to your organisation's standards.

Check out AI Lab Codebots Learn Homepage

Take your projects to new heights

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