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As a developer, why use a codebot?

The basis of What is Codebots? is to allow humans and bots to work together to create wonderful things.

Unlike low-code platforms, a What is a codebot? writes code which looks like it has been written by a human; this code can be customised as needed by a human. A codebot acts like another member of the development team.

The key premise is a codebot can write up to 92% of the codebase of an application, saving the human developers time by developing all the scaffolding, boiler plate, and common code required for an application. Thus allowing the human developers to work on the truly creative code that sets their application appart; the special sauce so to speak.

In addition to common boiler plate code, Codebots also provides access to What is an extension? which further augment the code written by a codebot. An extension is defined as something cool the codebot can do and they are modeled after features which are found commonly in applications. An extension represents a pattern of functionality that can be reused, for example: the Forms extension overview allows you to create flexible forms which capture data from your users. Given this pattern is common, Codebots provides it as a extension so the human developers do not need to reinvent the wheel.

Key concepts