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Preparing an access database for legacy schema migration

This article will step you through preparing an access database for upload onto the Codebots platform as part of the legacy schema migration process. The reason for this process is so that you can export your schema without having to expose your sensitive data, as well as ensuring a small file is uploaded.

  1. Open your database in Access.
  2. Click on File→Save As and select Template (*.accdt).
  3. Uncheck the Include All Data box, so that you’re only saving the schema (the tables and the relationships), and not your entire database.
  4. Save the file on your local system somewhere.
  5. In Access, click on File → New and click on Personal.
  6. Navigate to the file you saved earlier. Access will prompt you and ask if you want to create the database. Say yes!
  7. Now you can save your schema as an empty database.
  8. Upload this empty database (schema only) in the app creation wizard on Codebots to perform the legacy schema migration process.

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