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Developer API Feature Overview

What is Developer API?

An API is an application programming interface. In the context of the Developer API feature, this refers to a communication channel between the application and a client that can be used to tap into the functionality and data of the application.

A primary example of a client that makes use of this API is the client side of the application.

What can Developer API do?

The Developer API can be made available for any item of functionality that the application possesses. It unlocks your data, allowing third parties to integrate with your application, supports microservice architecture, and creates required infrastructure for additional clients such as mobile applications.

You can make use of the Developer API to query data (fetch specific items, fetch all items, or search for specific items) for all business objects or other entities available within the application. Developer API can also mutate data (create or update records) for all business objects or other entities within the application.

Control or modify the Developer API by making use of the security diagram and the entity diagram available on the platform. Access can be granted or denied to particular a parts of API for different use cases to ensure privacy and integrity of the data.

Additionally, the Developer API has been created to meet the OpenAPI specification with full documentation available to assist in usage.

Use cases for Developer API include:

Using Codebots protected regions, Developer API can be customised to include:

The Developer API can be extended to provide custom functionality that may come in the form of data aggregation for use in reporting or dashboards. Other features that may be exposed through custom extensions to the Developer API may involved actions such as email notifications.

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