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C#Bot Technology List: Client-Side

The client-side of C#Bot is built using React (v 16.8). Before you start using the bots, we recommend you first become familiar with the React framework. The articles below are a good place to start:

Technology Description Learn Resource
React React is a JavaScript framework designed for building user interfaces and is the primary DOM rendering library used inside the C#Bot client-side. Learn React React Site
React Router React router is a selection of navigation components and is mainly used for handling page routing in the C#Bot client-side. Learn React Router React Documentation
TypeScript Instead of writing raw JavaScript for the client-side, C#Bot instead uses TypesScript, a superset of JavaScript that adds a full type system. Learn TypeScript TypeScript Site
axios axios is a promised based HTTP client for JavaScript. It has the ability to make http requests from node.js and handle the transformation of request and response data. Learn axios axios Documentation
MobX For state management, C#Bot client-side uses MobX, an observer library with tight integration with React. Learn MobX MobX Site
SCSS (Sass) SCSS (or Sass) is a superset of CSS used for styling the client-side. Learn Sass SCSS Site
Apollo GraphQL Apollo is used to facilitate client-side communication with GraphQL API, which is presented by the server-side. Learn Apollo GraphQL Apollo GraphQL Documentation

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