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Creating an app on Iterate

This article covers how to make a new app on Iterate. Don’t have an account? Book a demo to get started.

You can create a new app from the home page by clicking on the green “Create a new app” button at the top-right of your home page.


If you are on a free trial, you can only have one app at a time. To delete an app, in the Home page, open your app options menu (the three vertical dots) and select “Delete”.

Completing the wizard

There are three steps to complete the wizard: choosing the app type, choosing the bot, and naming your application.

Step 1: Choosing the app type

When you are choosing your app type, you can choose between creating a blank app, or creating a legacy migration app. 90% of the time, you will want a blank application. However, if you are re-creating an existing piece of software and want to bring over the database structure, you can use the legacy migration option. For more information on conducting a legacy migration, take a look at Completing a legacy migration on Codebots.

Step 2: Choosing your bot

When you are choosing your bot, the decision is up to you. If you (or your team) have a preferred tech stack/language you like to work with, choose according to that. If you have no preference, choose the bot with the large arrow pointing to it, as that points to the bot which is most advanced at the time. Generally speaking, the bots are very similar and the differences are usually quite minor. If you want more information about the different bots we offer, you can look at Which bot should I use?.

Step 3: Naming your app

When you are naming your application there are a few validation requirements you should keep in mind:

It can have a space in it though!

Once the wizard is done, you will see two options: invite team members to work with you, or start building the app. Click on the build option when you are ready to exit the wizard to be taken back to the Platform.

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