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Bot Written Warning

A bot written warning refers to a documentation block that is present at the start of any file written by the bot.

 * @bot-written
 * Any access, download, storage, and/or use of this source code is subject to the terms and conditions of the
 * Full Software Licence as accepted by you before being granted access to this source code and other materials,
 * the terms of which can be accessed on the Codebots website at Any
 * commercial use in contravention of the terms of the Full Software Licence may be pursued by Codebots through
 * licence termination and further legal action, and be required to indemnify Codebots for any loss or damage,
 * including interest and costs. You are deemed to have accepted the terms of the Full Software Licence on any
 * access, download, storage, and/or use of this source code.
 * This file is bot-written.
 * Any changes out side of "protected regions" will be lost next time the bot makes any changes.

This warning denotes ownership of the file by the bot. The bot will ignore any file which does not have this warning provided the file path does not overlap with a file that is owned by the bot.

Any file without the bot written warning is owned by the human developer and can, as a result, be updated, modified, renamed, copied and deleted without consideration of the bot, with the exception of how it fits into the application as a whole.

Warning: If you ever copy a bot-written file, delete the warning from the top. The codebot will delete any file with a bot-written warning that it did not write.

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